Episode 142: At Summer’s End …

15 08 2014

Nova top finished! Well, except for the borders …

nova final topWhat I’ve been reading:

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Robert Mcfarlane

The Wild Places by Robert Mcfarlane

A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland

Between Heaven and Texas by Marie Bostwick

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

Have a great week!

Episode 141: Making Progress

27 07 2014

nova blockNova block! Actually four blocks united into one super-block. Wish it were a better picture, but I promise to get the Man to do some quality photos later.

funny tomatoThis tomato from our garden cracks me up!




Episode 140: Me, again.

3 07 2014

I’m back. Hope you are, too.

Episode 139: In Which I Actually Discuss Quilting!

11 05 2014

I don’t have any recent pictures, so may I walk you down memory lane?


One of my first quilts, from Barbara Brackman’s Fabric and Fabrications. I’d wager I made this in 2008 or 2009:

IMG_2512You see how modern it looks? It looks that way on accident.


I think this next top was my second quilt I ever made. I used templates I cut out of cereal boxes.



And because it’s about time to celebrate my podcastiversary, here’s one of my first quilt tops I ever talked about:


I’ve gotten better since then.



Episode 138: Another Rambly One (You’ve Been Warned)

11 04 2014

Not a lot of quilty talk, but lots of talking nonetheless. Big fun!

kirksville selfieMe in Kirksville, MO, one of my recent destinations.

Episode 137: The Thankful Episode

22 03 2014

Last week I received one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever been given–a quilt from quilty friends across the world. The quilt was engineered by Daisy of Lazy Daisy Quilts, who put out the call for squares from twilters everywhere after she heard about my mother’s cancer. She wanted to a way for our wonderful community to offer comfort in a time of difficulty. For a nice, well-lit photo of the quilt, go to Daisy’s blog, here:


These photos don’t do this beautiful quilt justice, but to give you an idea …






Daisy did the piecing, quilting and binding, and Pam from Hip to be a Square donated the fab backing.

Everyone who contributed:

Sonya Sowell, Darla McFarren, Kelley Koszegi, Mary Ann Cox, Sandi Harrah, Kati Rozsnyo, Jen Lanak, Carole Wool, Tina Rose, Carole McDowell, Gretchen Firestone Tanesha Nurse, Ethel Sews, Diane Rincon, Amy Herin, Daisy Fraser Wreath, Stephanie Harris, Nonnie Palmer, Jaye Lapatchet, Valerie Root, Emily Hinkel, Laura White, Zina Clark, Pam, Sandy Hasenauer, Sandi Colwell, and Katie Ringo.
Thank you one and all!

And finally, Will’s shoe drawings:


Episode 136: The Pretty Late, Really Long Episode

4 03 2014

I’ve had this episode ready to go for several days, but have been too lazy to post it. That’s the end of winter for you. I just want to hibernate. But it will be spring soon!

Here’s my off-kilter Irish Chain:

Irish Chain

And in case you needed a little color in your life, here’s a picture of Will’s new shoes:



See you soon!


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