Episode 151: Borderline

19 11 2014


mosaic topThe mosaic quilt in full.

mosaic border1Close-ups of the 2nd border fabric so you can advise me about binding.

mosaic border 2

fd and debbie

Me and my new best buddy, Debbie! She listens to the podcast, so when she and husband Bob came to town, we got together and talked quilty talk.

potholdersThe beautiful pot holders Debbie made me. How can I bear to use them?


mosaic cornerBad idea.

Question: Did your mother quilt? If she did, did she teach you to quilt?


Art quilter Susan Brubaker Knapp’s website:


Juki machine: https://www.juki.com/jus.html

Jonathon Holstein lecture: http://real.unl.edu/podcast/IQSC/JonathanHolstein-08.mp4


Look! A neat quilt!



Lecture on Ernest B. Haight at IQSC:



Ernest B. Haight exhibit at International Quilt Study Center:



I’m enjoying this book podcast a lot: http://booksonthenightstand.com/podcasts

Interesting article about bookish podcasts: http://online.wsj.com/articles/SB10000872396390443991704577577524043521172

Have a great week!

Episode 150: One-Five-Oh

11 11 2014

photo[4]My next quilt. Not really, but I needed a picture.

This week’s quilty links:


Meg Cox interviews Barbara Brackman for the Quilt Alliance “Save Our Stories” project:



Article about Passage Quilts



An interview with Sherri Lynn Wood about passage quilts:



Article about Sherri Lynn Wood on the Spoonflower blog



Neat article about African-American improvisational piecing:



Great lecture by folklorist and quilt historian on the Underground Railroad quilts:



The International Quilt Study Centers List of Podcasts/Vidcasts:


Episode 149: Whose Quilt Is It?

31 10 2014

mosaic borderThe Mosaic quilt with one side of the HST border. Currently trying to figure out whether to add another border. Thoughts?

photoHexies, threads and all!



Let’s start out with a very funny link, courtesy of Quiltin’ Jenny, particularly apropos after my unquilting problems of a few weeks ago:



Some links related to Quilts and Copyright:



A good, clear explanation of copyright law (whether you agree with it or not):


Leah Day’s blogpost about copyright:


The John Green quote I found relevant to all of this copyright talk:

“My novels are novels based on novels based on novels. Almost all novels are. But they change in the retelling. Novels change to stay relevant, so that their hope might be less flimsy, so that they remain honest and relevant. It’s a slow process — millions of writers and readers working together across generations to make stories that can be a light in the way-down-deep-darkness-which-is-you. Writing and reading are not about a singular mind emerging from isolation to create unprecedented art. It’s a massive collaboration spanning millennia.”


Quilts from the 1971 Whitney Exhibit:



The latest news about what’s up with us quilters:



Jaye’s HST method she’s begging me to try:



Sign up for Meg Cox’s newsletter!



Fabric Recipes:


Have a great week! Don’t forget to comment!

Episode 148: Mosaic

23 10 2014

So I just took the mosaic quilt outside to take a picture and guess what? I used two different whites! One is snow white and the other is more vanilla. My first thought upon seeing the two whites was, ‘Why has some of this white fabric aged?” Oi vey, I am not bright. Anyway, a picture:

mosaic on the lineYou can see the different whites, can’t you? But when I brought it back inside, I couldn’t see them. I guess I need more light to quilt by!


Fun links!

Want to read old quilt journals filled with interesting articles? Go here:



Here’s a 1998 article about quilts and murder mysteries:



An excerpt from Pat Ferraro’s 1981 film, “Quilts in Women’s Lives”:



Good blogpost about making more quilting time:



See you next week!



Episode 147: Requilted and Done!

15 10 2014

The Nova quilt is officially finished!


finished nova 2


Here’s a close-up of the quilting:

finished nova quiltingI don’t know if you can really tell anything from it or not.

And here’s the near-finished mosaic top:

mosaic top1

Congrats to Michelle, who won the podcastiversary giveaway! She has a blog over here at Renewing Mrs. Sew and Sew, if you want to check it out. Thanks for listening, Michelle, and to everyone else, too!

I’m getting hooked on the BBC-4 daily soap, The Archers. Do you know it? I’ve only listened to four or five episodes, but I’m already getting familiar with the characters. You can subscribe to it on iTunes; just search for BBC 4 The Archers in the iTunes store.

I mention the Netflix series “Happy Valley” in this ep, though I think I say I watched it on Amazon.com prime. Anyway, the actress is Sarah Lancashire, and she is fab!

Finished Liane Moriarty’s latest, Big Little Lies and really enjoyed it. It’s a little darker than her previous books, but still a worthy read.

Please send book and podcast recommendations!

Episode 146: The Requilting

30 09 2014

Okay, I haven’t actually started requilting yet, but I hope to today.

Today’s the last day to enter the giveaway. Leave a comment! What are you waiting for?

Guess what? I’m writing this post on my new treadmill desk!


tread1Pretty, huh? Here’s another picture:

tread2Watch out, Terje–here I come!

In this episode I mention a field trip I took on Saturday, to Stagville Plantation here in Durham. Here are a couple of pictures.

The owners’ house:

stagbighouseSlave cabin:

stagcabinInteresting stuff!

New quilting podcast: Quilting Bits and Pieces: http://quiltingbitsandpieces.com/


Episode 145: The Unquilting

19 09 2014

quilted medallionAbove, the quilted medallion. It doesn’t add anything to the quilt, I fear.

unquilted medallionThe unquilted/dequilted version is kinda cool–I prefer it to the quilted version. We’ll see what happens when I steam and wash.

Sorry as always for the cruddy pix.

I can’t remember if I referred to any books in the quilt diaries. I’m not reading anything exciting now. Are you?

Don’t forget to enter the podcastiversary give-away by leaving a comment between now and September 30th. Good luck!


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