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23 11 2015


Hello! I’m moving the site where I post the links and pictures that go along with my podcast to a new location, so please update your links and meet me over at:


Episode 175: The Pattern Spectrum Episode

19 11 2015

The Snowflake Table Runner:


The latest pot holder, unbasted and unquilted:

potholder1Pot holder tutorial:

Thanks to Vivienne for the link to this interesting article about how much fabric designers make:

Heather Jones’ new book, Quilt Local:

Heather’s website:

My mom posted this tutorial on Facebook; I might just try it:

Kristin posted this Fat Quarter Shop binding tutorial link on the FB Twilters page:

Want to join us Twilters? Just let me know and I’ll get you signed up!

For a fun read–The Tangled Thread Awards:

Crafty Planner episode with Zak Foster: 

Zak Foster website:

The book I’m reading for book group:

Episode 174: Let Us Now Praise Famous Quilts

9 11 2015

Listen here:

Carie’s (and to some extent Ben’s) Wedding Quilt is done!

cariefinish1weddingquilt_2015[1]Me and Carie and Ben with the quilt at Carie’s mom’s house:

ben and carie and me and quilt

I finally made some pot holders!

pot holders

The postcard I picked up at Duke’s Nasher Musuem–don’t you think this would make a cool quilt?


I talk about famous quilts of the 21st century on this ep. What are some quilts that you’ll think we’ll remember? Certainly, for me, Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s double wedding ring quilt, “Double-Edged Love” fills the bill:

Jacquie Gering’s “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead” is another famous one: are some of the famous quilts you can think of?

Here’s a link to Color + Pattern by Khristian Howell:

Want to read about the difference between modern and contemporary quilts? Go here …

A little quilt history for you …

Houston pix from Quilter’s Newsletter:

Finally, an interesting post on improv quilting:

Episode 173: Travis Snores, Part 2

25 10 2015

shoes1Wedding shoes … the ones I didn’t take back.

Another view:


And me in my dress, from a distance:


Here’s the templates I’m using to mark Carie’s quilt:

templateAnd here’s Travis, the star of our show:

Travis porch

See you next time! Don’t forget to comment! Travis loves comments!

Episode 172: The Bathroom Tour Episode

7 10 2015

To access this episode via Podbean:

Carie’s wedding quilt, pre-sandwich:



A corner:


The backing fabric, which I love and looks like cells:

backing fabric

Bathroom tour!


The hilarious noise you hear in the first quilt diary? Travis snoring.

See you soon!

Episode 171: The Abstract Expressionists Episode

18 09 2015

Early draft of Carie’s wedding quilt (this picture makes it look modern, but it will end up traditional, with cornerstones and everything):

wedding quilt1

A painting by Jean Helion, who has another (similar painting) hanging at the NC Art Museum:

I really loved this:

Looking for new people to follow on Instagram? Check this out:

Episode 170: The Fairly Sad Episode

3 09 2015


Playing with scraps and “making” fabric:

made fabric

Look at this stranger critter that showed up outside our front door:

spicebush2It’s a Spicebush Swallowtail caterpiller. It looks like a goldfish got stuck to the doorway. Little bit weird!

Don’t forget the label!


A fun infographic about copyright:

Episode 169: Say Goodbye to Summer

24 08 2015

This week’s ep is here:

Two quilt finishes to report:

  1. Quilt for our friend David, who’s in hospice care:


2. Artsy shot of quilt for my mom:


Less artsy shot:


Fun article about podcasts:

Virginia Findlay Wolfe on Crafty Planner podcast:


Don’t forget to join the Twilters on Facebook! The page is called Twilters! and you have to ask to be invited. It’s been super-active and lots of fun.

Episode 168: The Front Porch Episode

8 08 2015

dave's quilt topThis is the quilt I’m making for our friend Dave, who’s in hospice (click on it to see what it looks like in-focus)

Books I mention in this podcast:

My Struggle, Books 1 & 2, by Karl Ove Knausgaard

Euphoria by Lily King

Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Traditions Made Modern by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Movie: Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, with the wonderful Joan Plowright

Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s blog:

A good post about decluttering your sewing space from The Bitchy Sticher:

Episode 167: Let’s Resume, Shall We?

20 07 2015

Turns out this is *not* Episode 168, even though that’s what I say in the podcast. Nope, it’s 167. For the record.

In this ep, I talk a whole lot about the Quilt Alliance conference I just attended in DC–“Not Fade Away: Sharing Quilt Stories in the Digital Age”–which was just fantastic. Take a look at some of the Quilt Alliance’s amazing projects and consider becoming a member. I’m very excited about the work they’re doing, can you tell?

Want to know more about 100 Good Wishes Quilts? Here’s a good summary:

From the site:

To welcome and celebrate a new life, there is a tradition in the northern part of China to make a Bai Jia Bei, or 100 Good Wishes Quilt. It is a custom to invite friends and family to contribute a patch of cloth with a wish for the baby. Part of the patch of cloth goes into the quilt for the baby, and the other part of the cloth can go into a creative memory notebook with the wish for the child. The quilt contains the luck, energy, and good wishes from all the families and friends who contributed a piece of fabric. The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation.”

From the Quilt Alliance conference, a beautiful example of such a quilt–this is Luana Rubin, who made this quilt when she was in the process of adopting her daughter, Sophie:

100 good wishesIf you really want to geek out on this topic, you can read Marin Hanson’s 2012 paper here:

When Launa spoke about her 100 Good Wishes quilt, she was being videotaped for the Quilt Alliance’s Go Tell It at the Quilt Show project (“One quilt, one person, one video camera, three minutes=one more quilt story saved!”), where it will be archived shortly along with the other videos I mentioned from the Quilt Alliance conference. Go watch some of the ones already archived–they’re just incredible!

It turns out my pictures from the Sacred Threads exhibit aren’t good (surprise). But you can go here to look at entries in previous exhibits:

If you want to learn about the Barn Quilt Tour in Garrett County, MD, go here:

The website for the “Pieced Together” documentary, also about barn quilts, is here:

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Have a great week!