Episode 47: Let’s Get Modern

11 07 2011

Here’s Shoe Fly Pie, unbound, back and front.

Still haven’t figured out the pixel thing, so you’ll have to click on the pictures to get a clear view. However, this time (unlike last time) the pictures are actually in focus. As Pam over at Hip to Be a Square would say, Huzzah!



16 responses

12 07 2011

YOUR Blocks are FRAMED…. by your red sashing.

YOUR un-quilted sections are trupunto-ed.. and if you like it you do not have to quilt every part. Consider it textured.

Love Leah Day’s web site ( all that free stuff) also have Patsy Thompson DVDs and work through those for free motion.

I can hardly wait until I get to work on something of my own instead working on the charity quilt. They are too constraining as I had to work with the donated fabrics … just not in my colors.


12 07 2011

Shoe fly pie looks great Frances. :) Did you go crazy turning this baby around and around?

12 07 2011
machen und tun

i love your quilting!! it looks wonderful and i like to use this “little island”-quilting myself because it saves me from the puckers i get when i do straight lines from side to side which cross each other.
and the denseness of those swirls wil be so great once it´s washed and dried..
again: love it!

13 07 2011
Jane aka Mom

I love the way you pieced the back. Very clever and attractive.
Love, Mom

13 07 2011

I love the back too!

14 07 2011

Great job, love the back. I love free motion quilting as well.

14 07 2011

You enjoyed it and you like it. That is all that matters.

14 07 2011

I am intrigued by this Modern Quilting movement. I find it interesting and fresh. I also like your quilt very much and the enjoyment you had with free motion quilting makes me think you would love doing a whole cloth quilt. They are fun, fun, fun and you can doodle anything, quilt it, and the result definitely becomes greater than the parts.

I also love free motion quilting and keep an extra bobbin that is marked so that I can tell it apart from my regular bobbin. I fiddle with the tension and then I can use any thread I want on top. I also thought your tip about practicing your quilting motif on paper first was excellent especially for those of us with visual spatial confusion!

The only time I have heard cicadas was in Sedona, Arizona. I didn’t know what that sound was until we saw a cicada on our hotel balcony. Extraordinarily ugly bug that makes a divine sound. I don’t know why we don’t have them in L.A. exactly. Lucky you.

15 07 2011
Tanesha (CGM)

Love the quilt, but I gotta admit I REALLY love the back! Yes this is definitely a “reversible quilt” and hang it either side.

Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom)

16 07 2011
Deb C

Nice job, Frances. Love the choice of quilting motif, fits the quilt well. Carry on! p.s. Thanks so much for the book, it is lovely and can’t wait to make something from it. I don’t usually win things, and it’s always nice when it happens!

16 07 2011

I very much like these colors, and especially the back of the quilt. Will be excitrd to see it quilted. I am currently experimenting with funky modern pieced backs, both to be artsy and to stretch a piece of backing fabric.

Also loved hearing about your garden and your preserving!

Please enter me for the “Stitched” video, and I would also pass it on agin after watching. Really trying not to let as many posessions accumulate in my life. Take care.

18 07 2011

Frances, this is wonderful! I am impressed that you were able to get the back centered and straight, and worked the quilting where it accents the front and back both so well. Very nice job!

19 07 2011

I really love the quilting on this one! I was listening to the podcast free motion quilting for the first time as you were expressing how much you love free motion quilting! I was thinking the same thing. And, I agree with you that if someone is thinking about it, they should just go for it. I had this quilt sandwiched for over a month and was hesitant to quilt it. At first, I was just going to grid quilt it. But then at the last minute, I whipped off that walking foot and put the darning foot on and off I went. I have to say that I have made so many mistakes but I also have to say, I am loving my results! Even with the mistakes. People say it all comes out in the quilting and it truly does. And, i think just by doing it, I am already getting better at it.

19 07 2011

I love the shoo fly pattern and the quilt. My suggestion is to finish the quilt and if you want to try it with another quilt stitch, do that with the next quilt.
I try a different stitch on each quilt and that way I will find the stitches I enjoy and I do not use the stitches that I do not enjoy.
Thanks for your podcast and your blog. I enjoy both.

20 07 2011

Great job quilting! It looks so cool!

23 07 2011

Really nice job! I love the square spirals. Oooo and I see what you mean about the back! Beautiful. Who would have thought solids could look so good!

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