Episode 99: The Golden Episode

21 09 2012

Almost done with all the blocks on my SIL’s Christmas quilt, otherwise known as the Golden Quilt. Here’s what I have so far:

I’m diggin’ it.

Here’s some fabric pictures for ya:

The fabric I bought at Thimble Pleasures …

Here’s a nonquilty picture of me and Will that Will’s science teacher just sent me. It’s from last spring. I’m diggin’ it, too:

Big thanks to Pam, Amy and Sally for sending fabric for my projects! You guys rock!

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15 responses

23 09 2012

That REALLY IS a pretty quilt! Love the gold and blue that come across so warmly and not like a football uniform color.

Love love love that bird singing away in the background. :)
dagnabit, my computer is having issues and I need to reboot and might not get back to listen to the rest of your podcast till later…in the week! lol


25 09 2012

Personally I wouldn’t go on a bus anywhere, but perhaps that is because I haven’t ever gone on a bus tour! I would be enticed to go on a tour that took in one of the big quilt shows though, as I would not like to drive to such an event, or find parking at such an event. I would not like going to smaller quilt shows as I often feel I am paying my way in to buy stuff from vendors. Paying to shop irks me…perhaps I am turning into a crabby old lady like Maxine.

Perhaps using a theme of “Inspiration” would be an idea for a tour. Including shows, shops, and a mixed media art exhibit? Trouble is, so many would tune out as soon as you put the word “art” in it.

Tag line I just saw: “Keep calm and carry on” It was on a non-sewing/quilty site.
Ok, that’s it for me…running ragged but happy here! hugs and can’t wait till the next podcast!!!

23 09 2012

Love the Christmas quilt! Great color combination!

23 09 2012
Francine Johnson McGee

First time commenter here. I’ve been listening to all of your podcasts…working through them a little at a time while waiting for the newest ones to come out. Keep on going, your podcast rocks!

Scrap vomit is just not a good name for anything. Vomit is never a good name for anything good. I can never have anything but bad feelings about anything with vomit attached to it. I LOVE scraps, so I would hate to ruin them like that.

23 09 2012
Francine Johnson McGee

BTW…the picture of me, which is from facebook, is 31 years old. I was literally half of myself now. I am working on the current number going down, but I don’t think I will ever be THAT skinny again. Originally Anne from Geeenstitch introduced me to your podcast, and now she has stopped podcasting. Do you talk to her? I am just wondering if she’s ok. I worry when people just drop off like that…

27 09 2012

I miss Anne from Greenstitch too!

24 09 2012

The red and gold are lovely together, but the picture of you and Will is the best. What a cute set of looks at the camera.

24 09 2012
Kelly the Fifth

I thought I would like to teach quilting when I retire. But with my lefty brain so messed up it won’t be happening. I tried to show my daughter-in-law how to use fusible for applique and finally had to just quit talking and demonstrate in real time. It was so frustrating. Talking, spatial awareness, & reversing patterns all at once short circuited my brain. On a very happy note, though, I am glad she is interested in quilting.

I was wondering what was that gorgeous bird song during your intro? I love the birds in your podcasts. The Golden Quilt is so beautiful and you and Will looked very, very happy, too.

24 09 2012

The Martingale blog has an interesting post about quilting retreats that you might enjoy:
The first photo is just an hour or so away from me (by ferry & car) and looks like fun!

24 09 2012

Yeah, I often think about posting…. this is my first time! Thanks so much for the podcast, you keep me company while I’m quilting, cooking, cleaning, walking the dogs!

I hope your son’s knee is ok. I enjoy your soccer talk. My daughter’s (17) life revolves around the game. Which means much of my free time is consumed with it too – not complaining. Its a fun game to watch.

Golden quilt is looking great!

26 09 2012

I often comment in my head while I am listening to your podcast- but as I am usually walking the dog- I never get back to the computer to actually send it. But I wanted to add that I also hate the terms accepted now- like fabric p0rn- and I would like to add another to the list- fabric (or yarn) wh0re. Hate. It.

27 09 2012

How about this for your tagline:
“Now go… play with some fabric!”
“Make time to do something that makes you happy”

2 10 2012
Phyl Still Stitchin'

Why do the podcasts have to be less than 40 minutes? Why not let them be as long as they end up being? I am sure no one will mind when you go over. And don’t forget to save your quilt diaries, and the intro separately in case Audacity crashes.

And about the scrap…ugg…I can’t even bring myself to say the word, but I will say this. There is no place for bodily functions and/or fluids in quilting – unless it’s due to crying from happiness. Ban those gross word handlers from all forms of sewing! As mothers, qwilting is an escape from all that kind of thing. Let’s keep quilting clean, people!

There’s a class on Craftsy that I want to take called “Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist.” They show you how to design your own fabric which sounds like fun. It’s $40 so I am waiting until they have a sale and it’s down to half price. They also have a selection of short free classes too.

About that quilting destination holiday – I would like to suggest one around these parts. We have a cool little shop called “Stepping Stone Quilts.” It’s off by itself in a warehouse area near the St. Simons Island, GA airport. And St. Simons is a nice vacation destination, with Jekyll Island just to the south. There’s a JoAnn’s here too.

Tag out lines: “Seek the stitch.” “Seek the quilt.” “Quilt on.” “Go forth and quilt.” “Conquer the quilt.” “And now, to the quilts!” “A quilt is calling your name.” It’s off to the quilts!” “I hear the quilt waking up – I gotta go!”

Somebody stop me before I podcast tag out again!

5 10 2012
very lazy daisy

This gold quilt is scrum-diddly-umptious. The way you say “gold” doesn’t hurt either. The way you pronounce words makes them sound so lovely. You roll them around a bit and they sound like they taste great.. Does that sound kooky.. anyhoo.. I love the way you speak. :-)

16 10 2012

I love, love the goldy quilt. Love that touch of blue in it.

I think the best quilty bus trips include a show and some unique quilt shops along the way. My guild did a one day trip from the Albany, NY area to Keepsake Quilting’s annual sale. We stopped at quilt stores along the way. It was a great trip. The best part about these is the comradery along the way and impromptu show and tell of what was bought. A truly gluttonous adventure! I personally am not interested in nonquilt stops along the way, though I do enjoy the stop at the farmer’s market near Lancaster, PA on our bus trip there.

Love the podcast and really appreciate the time you put into it!

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