Episode 175: The Pattern Spectrum Episode

19 11 2015


The Snowflake Table Runner:


The latest pot holder, unbasted and unquilted:

potholder1Pot holder tutorial: http://www.simplynotable.com/2014/modern-quilted-potholder/

Thanks to Vivienne for the link to this interesting article about how much fabric designers make: http://whileshenaps.com/2014/11/fabric-designers-earn.html

Heather Jones’ new book, Quilt Local: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1617691763?keywords=heather%20jones&qid=1447898226&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1

Heather’s website: http://www.heatherjonesstudio.com/about/

My mom posted this tutorial on Facebook; I might just try it: http://weallsew.com/aurora-feathered-star-quilt-block-tutorial/

Kristin posted this Fat Quarter Shop binding tutorial link on the FB Twilters page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k63ZGAS2Xo

Want to join us Twilters? Just let me know and I’ll get you signed up!

For a fun read–The Tangled Thread Awards: http://thesaltyquilter.com/2015/09/21/the-tangled-thread-awards/

Crafty Planner episode with Zak Foster: http://craftyplanner.com/2015/11/09/zak-foster/ 

Zak Foster website: http://www.zakfoster.com/

The book I’m reading for book group: http://www.amazon.com/Elizabeth-Missing-Emma-Healey-ebook/dp/B00FJ3AAWQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447898432&sr=1-1&keywords=elizabeth+is+missing



3 responses

19 11 2015
Kate at Quilting Daydreams

I really like the point that you make about some people having their own quilts that are “their style” and other people make quilts that you want to make that you don’t feel bad making. I think that it is an important distinction. Who is behind the design matters. I agree with what you are saying.

Question – is the process part of the decision?
Yes. If it is filled with fiddly bits – I am not interested in making it. If I have to cut 4000 tiny pieces to make it – it is a huge negative. I want something that I can work on that I don’t have to cut over and over again. So, the way that it is made matters a great deal to me.

22 11 2015

No more Thursday Girl?

If the schedule helps you with posting, then go for it. If you think your listeners need it, then don’t worry about it. People will listen no matter how long your podcast is and if they complain remind them you are doing this for free.

I had a friend who went to Davidson and left after a year. It was a several years ago. I guess my point is that you have determine whether Jack will fit in there.

My favorite and most useful specialty ruler is the Wing Clipper by Studio 180. It helps make Flying Geese and I use it all the time.

Re: Heather Jones and Victoria Findlay Wolfe – I have read the former’s book, but I think for both of these, the point is not to reproduce the quilts in them, but to take their techniques and translate them to your own piece. Do you have a photo you could use as the basis for a quilt?

I think publishers often require projects as part of the book because most quiltmakers expect it and don’t get taught how to translate an idea into a design.Of course, I always think “I love that quilt and want that exact thing,” but then it never really works out. I mostly don’t make patterns as shown, as you probably know. Something about a design has to spark my interest for me to even consider it. I don’t know what it is that sparks my interest. I suppose it varies, but an element of learning – something I need/want to learn – has to be present.

I don’t think you need to apologize for liking patterns. I think patterns provide us a breathing space so we don’t have to make as many choices. In improvisational quiltmaking, there are parameters as well (e.g. I am making 5 blocks for this quilt), though, perhaps not as many. Sometimes we need to allow our mind to run around on its own while we sew and patterns provide that space.

I hope I am not too ranty and bossy today. If I am I apologize.

2 12 2015

Is this the one where you talked about the cost of the basting spray? Here’s how I justify it. Time is money, and if I hate basting (which, my god, I do), I would happily pay for basting spray (and we pay 13-15 EURO a can) if it means I don’t have to spend a minute on the tedium (and back pain) of it. With the spray I can get a large quilt basted in about half an hour for a simple back, and maybe 45 minutes if I need back and front to line up.

Making Jaye’s statement a bit broader–you don’t need to apologize for anything at all. It’s your hobby and you can partake in it however you see fit.

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